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One Piece  |  Elio, Charlotte Brownie, Pirates, Lion  |  Crunchyroll

Trapped in a Dating Sim  |  Vince Rapha Redgrave  |  Crunchyroll

Life of the Immortal King  |  Underworld Servant, High Schoolers  |  Crunchyroll

Saving 80k Gold  |  Gentlemen, Party Guests  |  Crunchyroll

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale  |  Townsfolk  |  Crunchyroll

Natsume's Book of Friends  |  Yokai, Spirits, High Schooler, Teacher  |  Crunchyroll

Bofuri  |  Ghouls, Rock Golem  |  Crunchyroll

Utawarerumono  |  Villagers, Warriors, Partygoers  |  Crunchyroll

Handyman Saito  |  Adventurer  |  Crunchyroll

Strongest Exorcist  |  Royal Guard, High Schoolers, Townsfolk  |  Crunchyroll

Aristocrat's Otherworldly Adventure  |  Adventurer, Rabbit Beasts, Soldiers  |  Crunchyroll

Raeliana at the Duke's Mansion  |  Suitor, Party Guests  |  Crunchyroll

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear  | Snooty Friend  |  Crunchyroll

Vinland Saga  |  Vikings, Gambler  |  Crunchyroll

Kamikatsu  |  Drunken Bar Goer  |  Crunchyroll

I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World  |  King Ork, Onlooker  |  Crunchyroll

Gundam: Witch From Mercury  |  Officer  |  Crunchyroll

Reign of the Seven Spellblades Magic Students  |  Crunchyroll

Link Click  |  Thug, Bodyguard  |  Crunchyroll

Heaven Official's Blessing  |  Butcher Zhu, Minister  |  Crunchyroll

I Shall Survive Using Potions!  |  General Menneth  |  Crunchyroll

Frieren: Beyond Journey's End  |  Sword Mountain Lord  |  Crunchyroll

Shangri-LA Frontier  |  Gamer, Imposter  |  Crunchyroll

Metallic Rouge |  Cruise Guest  |  Crunchyroll

Banished From The Hero's Party |  Shop Owner  |  Crunchyroll

Sign of Affection Additional Voices  |  Crunchyroll


American Heart Association  |  Heart Fest Promo


Voices Carey: Classes & Private Coaching | 2019 - 2020

  • Bruce Carey, Chris Burnett, Stephen Dinh

VO Dojo: Classes & Private Coaching | 2021 - 2023

  • Tish Hicks, Catherine Campion, Ben Carroll

Private Coaching | 2019 - 2023

  • Tina Morasco, Melique Berger, Faith Rumer, Dino Andrade, Crispin Freeman, Jamieson Price, Everett Oliver, Brook Chalmers


Stomping Ground: Improv and Stage Performance | 2023


Workshops | 2019 - 2023

  • Commercial with Mary Lynn Wissner

  • Video Game, and Directing with Joe McDonald

  • Animation/Video Game with Crispin Freeman

  • Automotive & Commercial with Cliff Zellman

  • Creatures & Monsters with Michael Schwalbe

  • Animation/Video Game with Jamieson Price

  • Anime/Dubbing with Mami Okada

  • Advanced Dubbing with Kyle Philips

  • Video Game Battle Chest with Andrea Toyias

  • Animation with Portia Scott

  • Anime with Shawn Gann, Jonathan Riggs, and Jason Lord

  • Video Games with Erin Lundquist



​Conversational Commercial Reads, Character Voices, Creatures, Monsters, ADR Experienced, Improv, Adobe Audition, Live Casting, Broadcast Quality Home Studio, Remote Capable, In-The-Know Gamer.


Vocal Specs

Tone: Baritone, Mid-Low (Natural) and Mid- High (Optional)

Accents: General American (Native), Southwestern American (Texan), Mid-Atlantic

Age Range: Late Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Middle Age

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